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The door slides back with a clank. Wash steps down into Serenity's front hall, Tonks not far behind. There's a second's wariness on his part as she passes over the threshold -- that gŏushĭ with Crowley only happened because the demon was still alive five hundred years later, but hey, you never know when you'll be dealing with sudden wacky time travel issues again -- and then he shuts it behind her, quickly pulling it open again to reveal the bridge.

"I just gotta check the helm really fast," he says as he steps back up, smiling. "You can come take a look if you want."

Date: 2006-05-06 04:08 pm (UTC)
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"Chuh! Like I'd pass up a chance to see that." Tonks scampers up into the bridge after Wash, eyes eagerly taking in everything around her. Then she glimpses the field of stars beyond the windscreen, and just stops.


Date: 2006-05-07 03:01 am (UTC)
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Tonks walks slowly up to stand behind the pilot's chair and rests one hand on the back; she eventually tears her gaze away from the hypnotic view of the black in order to follow Wash's movements. She watches him work, how assured and expertly he moves, and grins.

"Yeah. It's a pretty wicked gig, mate."

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"Not drifting is good, I would imagine, when in space. I mean there could be... asteroids to run into, or something."

Picking up a brachiasaur, she makes it march along the top of the console with the appropriate noises in accompaniment. Then the first bit of what Wash said catches up with her.

"...Mal let Lilly drive this thing?"

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"Indeed. Plus when he does silly stuff like that, it's job security for you, right? Someone's got to be the clever one."

She grins back, and carefully puts the brachiasaur back in its rightful spot.

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"Absolutely," 'Dora replies, drawing her wand and twirling it deftly between her fingers. "Lead on."

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She navigates the ladder carefully; she knows herself well enough to know that she could be on her arse in a matter of seconds if she doesn't take it slowly.

Finally she jumps down to the floor, and blinks at the surroundings. She's not sure what she expected, but it wasn't really this.

"...It's so homey."

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"That it is," 'Dora agrees, and then begins eyeing the bunk with a critical gaze, nodding to herself now and again.

Finally she raises her wand and begins casting the spells; one large silencing charm takes care of most of the job, and a few extra reinforcements on the air vents should do the job.

If there's one thing Tonks has learned well in the last year or so, it's silencing charms.

"There. I think that ought to hold you for a bit. They do wear off now and again, though, so if you start to get complaints just let me know and I'll touch 'em up."

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She laughs. "Yeah, I reckon he will." 'Dora casts a considering eye around the room. "She gonna get her own bunk when she's old enough?"

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"Good plan. When they start in on a sudden howling fit, the less space between you and them, the better."

Her slightly haunted look should be telling Wash volumes.

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Tonks grins sheepishly. "Well, if you were a wizard..." In demonstration, she closes her eyes and Apparates from one side of the room to the other.

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"Make Naomi marry a wizard," she laughs, "and see what genetics does for you. Really, it's a bit of a gamble in any event. I dunno that all of my kids'll be magic either, so."

As she speaks, Tonks has been climbing the ladder in order to examine the hatch. "You know," she continues, voice slightly muffled, "I think I can do a sort of modified version of the spells I've got on our kids' rooms, once Naomi moves into another bunk. So that when she cries, you'll get a kind of a warning wherever you are. Ours are attached to bracelets, but you can use whatever you want." Climbing back down the ladder, the witch holds up her arm to show Wash the enchanted bracelet.

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"Well, talk it over with Zoe, see what works best for the both of you. We've got a while yet anyway, till it comes to that. I'm sure I'll find an excuse to come back and visit the ship one way or another."

Tonks grins, and then blinks.

"You know, it just hit me that I'm five hundred years in the future. That's... really beyond words."

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Tonks tries not to be too gleeful at this offer. And fails. "Ooooh. Yes please!"

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The witch clambers up the ladder after him, and soon the ship echoes with the sounds of her eager questions and the pilot's genial replies.

And Tonks only falls down the stairs once.

Miracles do happen.


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