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[ooc: the question meme, round three]

Ask 'em anything:

Wash (Firefly/Serenity)
Mercer/Hermes (Greco-Roman Mythology; [ profile] mercurialist)
Rosencrantz (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead; [ profile] spinningcoins)
Sam the Shoulder Angel (The Emperor's New Groove; [ profile] its_a_robe)
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie (Veronica Mars; [ profile] q_in_training -- she hasn't entered yet, but hey, why not. *g*)
...and, because retirement hasn't shut him up entirely, Roger Davis (RENT; [ profile] fenderfrontman)

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So, Sam, can you do everything [ profile] path_that_rocks does better?

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I can do anything better than -- !

*claps hands over mouth*


Ahem. Yes. It's in the nature of good to beat evil in the end.

And once I figure out how to do it without my robe falling down, I'll, uh, get right on those handstands.
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Do pilots in your galaxy suffer from the same problem of people thinking (entirely unjustified-ly) that you're egotistical?
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Exactly! That's my philosophy too. Nothin' worse than false modesty, right? Folk're just jealous, that's what it is. wasn't as bad as Wedge's Ewok dance, was it?
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Do you, like, know Greek myth people, or are you just shitting us all with that "god" thing?
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I don't lie anymore, kid. You should know better than that.
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Holy shit, that's fuckin' awesome!

Think you could arrange for me meet some of 'em? I'm special, you know -- got freaky mutant powers. And my mom was Greek! And I'm totally into Homer.
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*props chin in hand, feet swinging*

Well you got my interest. What's your name?
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No, it's Lance. You probably knew the real guy. Shit. Uh. Lance Dominic Alvers. My mom's name was Leonidikes. I got family in Chicago. Greektown, you ever been?

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Wash: Same question I gave Zoe - What was your first impression of your favorite British pyro?

Mercer: So what exactly would anyone get by following you now?

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Along with the crazy...

What does 'wŏ de mā hé tā de fēngkuáng de wàisheng dō mean? *brightly*
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Good fortune, Vagabond. Fortune, and my most sincere reassurances that life's going to get a hell of a lot less boring.

*smirks, tips invisible brim of his cap*

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Have you seen my life lately? I don't know if I can deal with any less boring than I've already got!

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Wash -- Are you any closer to genuinely not panicking than you were when Snow last asked?

Sam -- What would you do if you found yourself Bound?
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Ohemmgee! It's Rosencrantz' mun! EXCITING.

<_< No, I'm not really here to ask a question. Sorry. But Ros and Guil are, like, the bomb. Seriously.