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What about your characters makes you want to continue to play them, what brings you joy from them? Not what originally drew you to them, but what makes you keep them through all the purges, dramatic moments, nervous breakdowns, late assignments, finals week, thesis/research projects, etc.

Because his fate in Serenity broke my Goddamn heart, and I couldn't bear to have his story end that soon. Because I'm still discovering little quirks and moments that surprise me, even after nearly a year and a half. Because when I'm grumpy, sitting down and threading with him almost always manages to lift my spirits (well, provided that he isn't grumpy, too... *wryly eyes her membership card to Characterbleed Victims Anonymous*). Because his voice is so much fun to write and forces me to be as flexible and creative as I can -- and while that can be headache-inducing on the bad days when I'm run-down and tired, it more than makes up for it on the good ones. Because I love his interactions with Zoe. Because in a month, we're finally going to get to meet that child. Because in his threads/plots with the rest of the crew, I'm lucky enough to play with some of the best RPers I've ever played with.

Because he's loud, egotistical, an occasional pain in the ass, maddeningly matter-of-fact when he's offering sympathy, and completely unapologetic when it comes to all of those traits. Because he's the first deity I've ever played, and I'm determined to try and strike the right balance with his characterization: playing an appropriately powerful character with abilities that make sense in the context of his canon versus just being a godmodding twink. Because I'm even more determined to turn that balance into something as comfortable as Wash's voice. Because I've had a little bit of a fiction-crush on Hermes ever since I was an eight-year-old curled up with D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths, and it's only grown over the years. ;)

Because she's my one character who's female and within five years of my age. Because after spending most of my time playing somebody from 2519, it's kind of relaxing to toss in a pup who'll actually understand most of the cultural references that get bandied around the bar. Because she's a computer/tech geek with good taste in books. Because she has this intriguing combination of introversion and assertiveness that I really want to explore. Because she's the kind of person I probably would've been friends with in high school, and even though I'm still finding her voice, she's the one, out of all my pups, that I think I can relate to the most.

...Because he's just ridiculous amounts of fun, man. *g*

Because his canon is my favorite play ever, hands-down. Because this is the closest someone like me -- a person with minimal theater experience who's the wrong gender for the part -- will come to playing one half of that intrepid duo. (Because I keep telling myself that I will put him back in the bar soon, dammit. *sigh*)
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